Moonlight Horse Riding Tours

This is an experience for nature and full moon lovers! You love riding horses? You love being out at full moon nights when the sky is so clear and the moonlight so bright that you throw a shadow? At Desperado-Ranch you can combine both!

Full Moon Riding Tour (3 hours)

Inclusions: Meal, Riding, Guide, Fun


Shortly after moonrise we venture out into the dark our ways only lit by the full moon. At a walking pace, we’ll tour the local area along tracks past the river heading for the seaside. You can hear the silence! Did you know that horses see very well at night? They walk calmly and steady and on some patches we can even trot depending on the experience of the riders. The tour is suitable for riders with less as well as more experience. We ride along the beach, the waves sparkle in the moonlight. We make a break for some drinks and grill sausages by the campfire, so you have time enough to take in the breathtaking scenery before we ride back to the ranch where you can help us – if you wish – to bring the horses back to their stables for the night.

This tour is offered around full moon when the sight is best and only from October to April as the days are shorter and we can enjoy the moon-lit night early enough. During summer you can enjoy our sunset rides – a wonderful 3 hour tour with a splendid view to the sea from the cliffs.

Please come back in October for upcoming dates.

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