Beautiful Countryside

The Desperado-Ranch is located in the South-West of Turkey on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. We are close to the end of the sandy beach (Karaot) in Yaniklar between Göcek and Fethiye. The ranch is located away from mass tourism and surrounded by orange orchards and greenhouses, set in the beautiful countryside. The beach is only a 15-minute walk away.

Adress: Aydinlik Mah., Karaot Mevkii, Atcilar Sokak 6,
Yaniklar Köyü, 48300 Muğla / Fethiye (Turkey)

GPS coordinates (36.700146, 29.051166)

Fethiye and its surroundings – South West Turkey

Fethiye is situated in a picturesque bay, which is located at the crossroads between the Riviera and the Aegean Sea. It is the southernmost holiday resort of the Turkish Aegean. The surrounding area is characterized by its history and breathtaking natural landscape. In addition to tourism, Fethiye is used for agricultural purposes all year round due to the fertile soil and is a very lively place. Citrus plantations characterize the landscape, yet tourism is the main economic activity. The most famous and beautiful beach of Fethiye is the fantastic bay of Ölüdeniz and is located about 12 km from Fethiye center. In Ölüdeniz there are also many of the 3 to 5 star hotels and some holiday resorts of the upper category. Outside of Fethiye, hidden in the middle of a dreamlike nature, there are some club facilities such as Lykia World, Hillside Beach Club, Club Letoonia and Majesty Tuana. Most hotels, however, are located on the five-kilometer-long sand pebbly beach of Calis (pronounced: Tschalisch), a suburb of Fethiye. Click here to learn more about Fethiye.

Desperado- Ranch, Fithiye