Horse Riding Day Tours

Desperado-Ranch offers you a variety of enjoyable Horse Riding Day Tours

For those of you who want to complete your holiday with a few hours on horseback, we offer Horse riding day tours for beginners, intermediate and experienced riders from 2 hours to half-day or day trips of up to 6 hours.

Beginners as well as experienced riders feel comfortable on our peaceful, sure-footed and well-trained horses. Less experienced riders or people who have had bad experiences in childhood will experience a fresh start into horse riding with our four-legged friends. We ride along the river and in the crystal clear waters of the sandy beach, through the local country lanes and orange fields, to mountain lakes and secluded lagoons around … long rides on the beach or in the Taurus Mountains with its various vistas to bring the rider and his horse into harmony.

From spring to autumn, when the sea and the air are warm enough, you can even swim with your horse – it’s a very unique experience!

The beach ride is a classic of our Horse Riding Day Tours

2 hour-tour for beginners

Inclusions: Riding, Guide, Fun


At a walking pace, we’ll tour the local area along tracks past fields and streams, through the forest alongside a lagoon, maybe seeing some of the abundant wildlife, birds, insects and all the local fauna. Take a break (and some photos) on the cliff tops before we continue through the forest, then along stretches of beautiful and unspoilt beaches, finally making our way back to the ranch.

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You can also choose to ride up in the mountains during our Horse Riding Day Tours.

Half Day Adventure Tour

Inclusions: Riding, Guide, Fun


Combining the best elements of our short tour with a longer beach ride, this trek features a refreshment stop and the opportunity to see much more of the stunning scenery and protected Günlük forests (Incense trees which are protected and only exist on 2 continents of the world) in the areas around our ranch. Dependent upon rider ability and the guidance of the tour leader, there may be some short trots, and if the party is made up of more experienced riders, then you might canter along the beach. We accept a maximum of 6 riders during our Horse Riding Day Tours in order to tailor the tour as best as possible to the riders’ abilities and wishes. If you like, and the weather allows, you can swim with the horse in the sea.

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An amazing view is guaranteed during our Horse Riding Day Tours.

Full Day Tours

Inclusions: Riding, Lunch, Guide, Fun


One of our favourite adventures! We’ll start early in the morning, ride around the local area passing through old, native villages, and you can see the tomato and bean plantations – typical agricultural Turkish life. We’ll head towards the mountains with its natural canyons. We’ll cross little brooks and rapid rivers, and pass isolated areas where nature reigns supreme. We’ll pass a local trout farm and village tracks up to the foothills, whereby we picnic by a stream. During our return, we’ll pass villagers working in the fields, followed by a leisurely walk down the river on our way back to the ranch, where cold drinks and hot tea or coffee wait for you.

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Advice: For this tour it is important that you can control your horse in all paces for 6 hours without difficulties. If you’re not sure, we recommend joining us first on one of our shorter rides and then come back for a day tour. And for those who want to improve their skills, we also offer private riding lessons at an affordable price.

Note: The tour descriptions are to illustrate of the various paths possible. The exact path taken is subject to change, depending on weather and/or conditions.

Good to know: Wear long trousers and closed (sport) shoes. We can provide riding chaps and helmets (subject to availability of size).

What Visitors Say about our Horse Riding Day Tours

“Wow! What a day out.

(…) I cant praise this riding stables enough. I was welcomed like they were my family. I felt very at ease and comfortable. (…) I told Yusuf that I could ride but was a bit rusty, so I had a few lesson before I went on a long hack with the tour group for a 5 hour hack including dinner at this great Eco Lodge park with waterfalls, swings and the usual ambiance. I couldn’t have had a better day out with great company and in safe hands. (…)

Andrew W

“Incredible Experience”

(…)The ranch setting is idyllic and the horses were beautiful and very well cared for. I went for a 2 hour beach hack and the scenery was amazing! (…) Swimming in the sea with their lovely horse was a very special experience that I will never forget! I will definitely be visiting again, and strongly recommend it to anyone!

Alice B

“Amazing Trek and Lesson”

We went on an amazing, early morning beach and river trek and then returned with my 11 year old son for a lesson. Yusuf is the perfect teacher and my son learned so much from his extremely capable hands. Thanks so much.

Cathy G